MICHIGAN DIVISION WNFGA Spring Newsletter Now Available Online.

​Photos from the Daffodil Day Luncheon are now available on the Daffodils4Detroit page.

Meet Brian of BEES IN THE D

Brian Peterson-Roest has been a 5th grade teacher in Rochester Community Schools for 23 years. He has a master’s degree from Oakland University, where he is also an adjunct professor, and he is a specialist in Educational Leadership and Ad- ministration.

In 2011, he received the Michigan Science Teacher of the Year Award. In 2012, he was personally honored by President Barack Obama for receiving the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Those awards were followed by several other significant recognitions in 2015 and 2021.

His founding of the nonprofit organization BEES IN THE D was another milestone in his devotion to education and to the conservation of honeybees and other pollinators in the Detroit area. BEES IN THE D has more than 200 hives at 63 locations in southeast Michigan, and the organization offers workshops and classes throughout metro Detroit. Focus is on the importance, and also the misconceptions, about honeybees and pollinators.

The Presentation – Urban farming and beekeeping have taken root in Detroit, not only as hobbies or sidelines, but also as part of an integrated plan for the city’s revitalization. As founder and president of BEES IN THE D, Brian will discuss the sustainable change that’s happening in Detroit with the support of local businesses and engaged community leaders. He will also share the organization’s mission to build the Motor City Bee Highway, whose goal is “to create safe havens for pollinators to stop for food, water and shelter as they travel. The Bee Highway consists of business, residential and government owned properties which provide pollinator-friendly access to plants, water and shelter.”

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The WNF&GA was founded in 1914, and members celebrated the organization’s 108th anniversary in January. We will host our 2022 National Meeting in southeast Michigan from June 1 – 5. We hope that WNF&GA members from Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York will join us here in the mitten state. Watch for the meeting registration form plus many details about our in-person meeting activities in the 2022 spring edition of Farm & Garden. The magazine should reach members in mid to late March. The garden-centric National Meeting will provide many opportunities for our Michigan branch members to meet and visit with our sister (and brother) members from other branches.

Among the venues we’ll explore during the National Meeting are several wonderful private gardens, public gardens, an automotive mansion in a park-like setting, and another mansion – surrounded by phenomenal gardens – with several official historical designations. We’ll savor good food in pleasant venues, and we’ll also enjoy an entertaining experience with a local gardening guru whose expertise with annuals and perennials is legendary. In addition, we’ll visit a university campus where we’ll meet a former WNF&GA president from the 1960s.

There will be other optional/on-your-own activities for you to consider. Non-member guests are welcome to register and to attend the National Meeting.

WORD TO THE WISE: Don’t delay your registration. Two of the venues have limited capacity. Alternatives will be offered for those locations if maximum capacity has been reached prior to registration closure on May 25, 2022.

Mary Schwark,
MI DIV newsletter editor;
​WNF&GA president & magazine editor