Our Stories

Let us make of this Association a great democratic band of women, valuable to each other and to their communities, representative of our whole country, women engaged in those noble out-of-doors occupations for which ‘no man is too high or too low. Louisa Yeomans King
First National President of WNF&GA (1914-1921)

In 2014, the Woman’s National Farm & Garden Association celebrated its Centennial, inspiring a closer look at its rich history and the fascinating, pioneering women who shaped the organization over these 100 years. From the Women’s Land Army, to the growth of 4-H, and the establishment of horticultural therapy as a profession, the women of Farm & Garden have played significant roles in these and many other endeavors. We carry on with pride the work of our Founding Mothers, and work together to grow beautiful, sustainable communities.

2014 National Meeting of WNFGA in Amber, PA.